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General Discussion On SC2
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looking for a clan to help?
:'( I am still in bronze.... I have played 981 games
gonna get raped
If you are terran, and play vs Protoss, do this!
Dipping toes back in
Terran general opening vs zerg
PF rush and Nukes
Lets talk about balance!
A new killer strat?
Bad manners
A VERY good Guide
Everyone please signup - win big prizes.
Bit of an ego post :P
General play style mentality
i dunno what to title this ><
Friendly matches VS TG need players
Wed. 19 tournys and so on!
Channel on Bnet?
Masters League
Colossi can fly???
SC2 Clan Tournament,
The Best?
I cant win anymore.
macro help
Unit Tester Map (USEFULL!!!)
improving micro
replay analysis
should i buy this game?
about sc2
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