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SC2 Recorded Games
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yet another gg for epicpowner starting of s8 with a bang!
Epic playing zerg, and being good at it (second class :D)
Epic, what went wrong? how should I have countered mass muta
Theepicpowner showing a zerg who is boss :D
Protoss Rec's for theepicpowner or other protoss :D
Ok a test game post!
How to find and upload replays?
Maiden Style RecoN Posts.
My best SC2 moment so far !
Hidden Bases and Mass voids !!
archon rush somewhat
Funny 2v2 We almost lost a won game
Funny TvT Watch for laughs :D
counter to mech maybe
best teamgame fun game ever :P
okay... srsly.(with the replay)
working yourself up from an disadvantage TvZ
taking fast expansion...sss?!?!?!?
you think all diamond league games are top notch?!
NOW HERE... IS a hero unit!
Just a game I playd on my smurf account, TvZ
My amazing banshee control haha
Nice TvP On Antiga Shipyard
Learn a lesson
How RecoN owns me
What a n00b cannon rusher
platinum zvp (i was typing to TheEconomist in this one)
fail cannon rush for the protoss :D
Diamond TvZ on The Shattered Temple
mass ultra and corrupters in the end owns
funny game agains a 28 ranked diamond
typical games against high ranked gold players :D
Typically how I want my 2v2s to go
uhh self explanatory
Funny game where I was stupid xD
some Blink in 1v1 ladder vs platin
EPIC 2v1 Game...
2v2 - comeback after heavy rush.
my first 1v1 as a zerg
4 - gate push
FFA between me dysto and noskill
Changing Tides - ZvZ
lol - fast game^^
1vs1 Insane gets Cannon Rushed
me vs zerg
1v1 terra
1v1 void ray opening
2vs2 Dystopia Insane vs 2 Zerg (Zergling Rushed)
1vs1 Insane vs Platinum Zerg
2vs2 Dystopia Insane vs 2 Diamond Zerg
3vs3 Dystopia Buzenina Insane (We lost, we should have won!)
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PvT mouzMana vs ServyOa
2v2 ladder
Me and Shadow aka ChickenMix
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